National Trust raises the £1.3m needed to buy the white cliffs of Dover

The National Trust has been able to raise a whopping £1.3m in just under five months in order to purchase the Dover white cliffs. The Conversation Charity first appealed to purchase the white cliffs of Dover five months ago but expected that it would take almost seven months before they were able to raise enough money.

The appeal was supported by over 16,000 organisations and individual people allowing it to reach the target goal of £1.2m in the very little 133 days averaging about £9000 worth of donations on a daily basis. The trust first launched their appeal to purchase the stretch of cliffs from a landowner back in June stating that it would be the ‘missing link’ to the coastline that the trust already owns.

With the new addition walkers will now be able to walk straight up the coastline without any breaks from the South Foreland Lighthouse to the National Trust visitor centre. In addition, the new stretch of coastline will also allow the trust to start conversation work in the area that is home to several typ s of rare coastal plants such as the sea carrot and ox tongue.

Additionally, the small stretch of coastline is home to the only known pair of breeding ravens to exist in Kent.

Director General of the trust, Dame Fiona Reynolds, stated that the trust would like to thank the many people involved for their support and generosity because it allowed them to reach their goal two months in advance. She added that the area offers a special appeal to people that have emotional connections to the area.

The final donation that helped the Trust reach its goal was donated by the Dover Harbour Board and totalled £200,000. On average public members donated about £40 each towards the appeal.