MPs push for offshore supergrid to deal with electricity isolation

MPs have recently stated that in order to end the electricity isolation of the UK, a super grid needs to be established offshore. This grid would significantly reduce the cost of creating wind power and it would also be a good way to begin the construction of an electricity grid connecting the UK with the rest of Europe.

The idea of a super grid is something that is very popular with environmental activists. They say that it would help increase the U.K.’s ability to produce low carbon power which will help to deal with the climate change problem.

The climate change and energy committee within the House of Commons authored the report and suggests that the construction of a super grid would help to ensure the success of the investments that the government has been making into offshore wind power.

Tim Yeo, the chairman of the committee commented, “Having an offshore network means that electricity can be delivered without increasing the number of pylons that are continually blighting our countryside.

The UK is currently having to switch off some wind generators, simply because the country do not have the electrical wires to deliver the power from these green energy sources. There is enough potential for renewable energy in the country to ultimately turned the UK into an energy exporter, rather than an importer.”

Mr Yeo also highlighted the importance of the jobs that would be created by this project. Overall it seems that an offshore super grid would allow the UK to have green power, more secure energy, and improve the job situation in the country.

This has led the committee to strongly urge the government to pursue the concept. A super grid could also ultimately stretch further afield than Europe and be able to even generate power from as far away as Africa.