More than 2,000 Residents Powered By Warwickshire Food Waste Recycling Plant

A new announcement from BiogenGreenfinch states that they will be going ahead with construction of an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, have successfully secured planning permission to build the plant at their selected site at Merevale & Blyth Estate in Warwickshire

They will construct the plant themselves and will then go forward operating it processing food waste from area food retailers, food manufacturers and local homes at a capacity of as much as 45,000 tonnes per annum.

There will be electricity produced by this process known as anaerobic digestion, will be enough to meet the needs of 2000 houses, or all the homes in Atherstone and Baxterley in Warwickshire, as well as large amounts of biofertiliser.

CEO, Richard Baker, announced, “We cannot express how elated we are at partnering with Merevale to be part of this ground breaking project. The AD plant location at Merevale is ideal, having easy access for transport to and from densely populated areas.”

“We are showing environmental responsibility to firms on a level previously unheard of, as we utilize waste from landfills, create electricity for the nation, and generating a by-product of biofertiliser for raising food. The next step for us is to solidify our partnerships with food waste producers in the region.”

The CEO of Merevale Estates, Philip Blackman said, “This cutting edge program is an ideal partnership between Merevale Estates and BiogenGreenFinch. This first step in creating the centralised renewable energy for North Warwickshire will be powered by their experience in industry contracts, their intelligence in the field of biofertilisers, and their ability to provide AD plants on time.” BiogenGreenFinch has the honour of being the top operator, designer, and manufacturer of food by-products anaerobic biodegradation plants in the country. Their existing operations include facilities at Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, and Shropshire, and they have already planned to locate additional facilities in a countrywide network.