Migratory birds being affected by pollution

Conservationists are warning that migratory birds in Britain are in danger. They have warned that species such as the Nightingale, cuckoo, turtledove and wood warbler are rapidly declining in their numbers.

Unfortunately, there is little information about why these numbers are declining and scientists are not sure if it is a problem with their breeding grounds in the UK or in Africa or whether it is to do with a 4000 mile journey that they make twice a year. One thing the conservationists are sure of is that the numbers are declining and The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds have highlighted this problem in a recent study.

A conference is being held in Norway this week to deal with the problem of the declining number of migratory birds. Dr Sheehan is a scientist and an expert on the subject of declining bird species and she will be addressing the conference this week. She has recently commented, “Migratory birds are an important part of life in both Africa and Europe, they cross our lives and our cultures.”

Dr Sheehan continued, “The number of birds that are moving between Africa and Europe is declining at a rapid rate. The use of land in Africa and Europe is changing greatly and this might be a hazard to migration. Illegal killing of these birds is taking place in some parts of the Mediterranean which is causing the species to struggle to survive. We need to see greater international cooperation in order to ensure that these birds survive into the future.”

The RSPB has urged Europe and Africa to work together to create a plan on how to conserve these birds and protect their habitats. The figures from the RSPB showed the turtledoves have declined in number by nearly 75%.