Marine Conversation Society Enlisting Volunteers For ‘Great British Beach Clean’

The Marine Conversation Society, the top marine charity in the UK, stated that new figures show that British beaches have more litter on than now than they have in the past two decades. As a result they have launched a new event called ‘The Great British Beach Clean’ to help bring awareness to the public of how dirty the beaches have become.
According to the charity Britons should be proud of the UK this year given the Ryder Cup, World Cup, and Commonwealth Games are all taking place within the country. Therefore, it is only fitting that is the year that the public takes care of their coastline to make sure that it is a safe and clean place all.
Last year MCS’ annual litter clean and survey found on average 2,309 pieces of litter per every kilometre of the coast cleaned.
The charity says that between 19th and 22nd September 2014 it hopes to make Britain’s beaches clean for one weekend.
MCS Beachwatch officer, Lauren Eyles, said: “We want to break the record for the greatest number of beaches cleaned in one event.
We’re aiming to clean at least 400 beaches for our ‘Great British Beach Clean’ this September, and do a litter survey on all of them.
“Beach litter is a serious environmental problem, but the solution is in our hands. The first step is the register as a volunteer. We want the ‘Great British Beach Clean’ weekend to offer a snapshot of what the future could look like for the British seaside if we turned the tide on litter.”
The Great British Beach Clean – be part of the biggest and most influential fight against marine litter in the UK. Find out more at or telephone 01989 566017.