Many more homes ready for potential flooding

The Environmental Agency has recently issued a report which says that nearly 200,000 households in the UK are now better prepared to deal with the effects of flooding. The increase has been seen since 2007 and 25% of these better prepared homes are located in the east of the country.

The Environmental Agency provides a flood warning service to inform people are soon as possible about flood risks. Since 2008, the EA has seen the number of people using this service quadruple. The EA says that there is flood risk to one in every six homes in the UK and is still encouraging people to sign up to flood alerts on its website.

Chief executive of the EA is Dr Paul Leinster who has said, “It is great news to see these improvements in the number of people signing up to the service. Our warning system will help to reduce flood damage that people experience. In the past three years alone we have seen a great number of improvements to the country’s flood defences. EA has been coordinating with local councils as well as those responsible for drainage to reduce the risk of flooding. This has come at a cost of nearly a quarter of a billion pounds.

Richard Benyon is the floods minister and he has commented, “We recommend that all those who are at risk of flooding sign up to the flood warning service by the Environment Agency. It is very pleasing to see the work that that Agency has been doing to reduce the risk of flooding. I will be ensuring that work continues to further protect the UK from floods.”