Making Easter eco-friendly

Approximately 80 million chocolate eggs will be sold in the UK this year. It has been estimated that this will generate around 4,370 tonnes of cardboard, 160 tonnes of foil and millions off discarded plastic waste items. However, it’s not all “doom and gloom” and you’ll be glad to know you can still enjoy Easter, save money and help reduce your impact on our planet!

A new website, has recently launched which aims, amongst other things, to help parents purchase eco-friendly & natural alternatives for their children. Eco-conscious parents can browse from over 7,000 products, learn about the story behind each product and buy directly from the eco-sellers that made each item.

What can parents do to reduce the impact of Easter?

It’s surprising how by just changing a few little things you can massively reduce your environmental impact, have even more fun, save money and have a much more meaningful Easter that your children will cherish forever. So where to begin?

1. Avoid over packaging

For chocolate lovers and eco warriors alike, the chocolate-to-packaging ratio of a standard Easter egg is a massive let-down. When choosing your Easter egg avoid those which come in giant boxes and contain sheets of plastic. Instead, choose one wrapped in foil which can be easily recycled. Also opt for an Easter egg made using organic and Fairtrade ingredients to ensure you’re not the only one celebrating at Easter.
2. Make your own Easter treats
Create some childhood memories of Easter by pouring delicious melted chocolate into bunny-shaped moulds. Decorate them with ribbons and create the perfect Easter gift whilst spending quality time with your children. Homemade shredded wheat and chocolate bird’s nests are also hugely entertaining, both in the making and of course in the eating!

3. Choose longer-lasting gifts

Rather than just giving gifts that end up in the bin or that leave you in need of a gym workout, consider something a bit longer lasting such as some natural Easter soap []. Alternative if you want something that won’t leave the little ones bouncing off the walls from a sugar rush, opt for this sweet organic cotton bunny []. It’s fairly traded too, and not to mention much more forgiving on your walls!

4. Get the family together

Look for holiday activities to get the whole family outdoors spending quality time together (weather permitting!). Find out if your local parks or community groups are planning any events or Easter egg hunts. If there is a shortage of activities near you then get creative and organise your own egg hunt with these tasty fair-trade mini milk chocolate eggs.