Major power plants set to close in March 2013

The Fawley and Dicot power stations are set to close in March of 2013. The Fawley plant known for its 198 metre chimney is a 1,000MW oil plant and the Dicot plant is a 2,000MW coal fired plant. The closures are part of a new initiative that is aimed at reducing the amount of pollution that is released into the air. The Fawley plant was commissioned in 1971 originally and the Didcot Power Station was first opened in 1970.

Chief executive officer of Volker Beckers stated that they are going to work hard with people that are located at both plants to help find new business opportunities to help with the displaced workers. He added that both of the power plants were built almost half a century ago and since then have been quiet champions of the economy since they have kept people working and kept the lights on.

Beckers continued to explain that closing the towers is a symbol of how power generation in the UK is changing with low carbon power generation slowly replacing less efficient power stations. According to Beckers, about three billion pounds has been invested in green infrastructure in the UK over the past three years by RWE. As a result, RWE now operates the largest amount of fully functional gas-fired and renewable power stations.

The Fawley and Dictot power stations both opted out of attempting to comply with the EU Large Combustion Plant Direction because it would have required them to close their doors eventually anyhow. In the meantime, the RWE has stated that the open cycle gas turbines at both plants will still be operational.