Low Emission Zone benefits for London drivers

Drivers that buy new and cleaner vans and minibuses will receive discounts says London Mayor Boris Johnson. This is being offered to 72,000 drivers of buses and vans who use the Low Emission Zone in the capital. Low Emission Zone standards must be met by 2012 for larger van and minibus drivers.

Opposition parties have criticized the Conservative Mayor’s environmental policies saying they are late. They say they are years away from where they have to be because the Mayor chose to put London’s progress into the reverse mode once he was elected.

Green Party member Darren Johnson said that by cancelling 2010 action against polluting vans the Mayor in essence eliminated the one big way to have delivered cleaner air across all of London by now.

Currently the scheme is for large lorry, bus and coach owners to meet emission standards, but the additional extension will include vans and minibuses or else face a £500 a day fine. The Mayor says it is now time to take on the dangerous emissions problems and help those that most need our protection.

Those offering discounts on new vehicles include; Ford, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Citroen, Ashwoods and Mercedes-Benz. The original date that vans and minibuses were to be included in the zone was October 2010 but was extended to January 2012. The Lez is in force 24 hours a day unlike the London congestion charge zones that is lifted on the evenings and weekends. It also covers a larger 610 sq mile area.