Loft insulation greatly cuts energy bills

Although the economic recession hurt many home budgets, the energy saving advice website, conducted a survey and discovered that even though many homes are looking at energy saving DIY projects in an effort to save money, 25% of those who end up increasing their home’s energy efficiency do so out of concerns about the environment and climate change.

In addition, the survey also revealed that 23% of the houses that purchased energy efficient products choose their products based on their actual eco credentials, taking care to purchase products that were truly the best. The website conducted the research in an effort to mark June 5th, World Environment Day. The purpose of the day is to highlight how small DIY green projects can help to create a more sustainable green economy in the future.

The study also revealed that while about 50% of the homeowners had made some improvements to their home, most homeowners are actually overlooking smaller measures in favour of taking on larger products. For example, 59% of the homes in the survey invested in double glazing of their windows while only about 30% draught-proofed or added to their loft insulation. leader Lydia Sharp stated that the research proves that while some people are thinking about how they can make their homes more energy efficient, they do not always consider how much value small DIY home improvements can hold.

For instance, loft insulation is an easy one day DIY task that costs just £50 to £300 to complete depending on the size of a loft. On average homes save about £175 per year just for adding insulation which can quickly add up in a few years making it well worth a few pounds.