Levy on carrier bags raises £1m for environmental causes in Northern Ireland

Mark H Durkan, the Environment Minister, is expected to give £1m that was raised via a carrier bag levy in order to help protect the Northern Ireland environment. The money comes from the environmental challenge fund that was started in order to offer money to organizations and communities that want to create environmental projects.

The fund has successfully been growing over the last two years and now Durkan is urging different local groups across Northern Ireland to apply for funding for programmes that they have created. In addition, an extra £200,000 is being given to the Forest Service in order to help with local community projects that are forest based.

Last year Durkan said that the challenge fund was very successful and resulted in the creation of 56 environmental projects that helped to improve the quality of the environment. He added that the best way to celebrate the success of the fun was to continue to build on it by boosting the fund so that more projects can be created during this year.