Latest Halton Housing Trust homes ready for occupancy

Halton Housing Trust, a non-profit making housing organisation, has won considerable recognition, including the Green Organisation’s Silver Green Apple award, for its high quality, environmentally conscious design and construction. In July the award was given for Halton’s housing development on Houghton Street in Widnes, and now there are three new homes ready for occupancy, the first in a 15-home project on Kingsway, also in Widnes.

Built by Cruden Construction and designed by Liverpool-based architects Denovo Design, the houses provide an impressive example of thoughtful planning and architectural appeal. They combine some of the best features of modern technology with enough of the traditional to blend with their surroundings, offering a beautifully functional dwelling.

The new homes boast features such as a living ivy wall, space for gardening with water butts for collecting waste water and built-in recycling bins under the sink. Two of the first residents are 33-year-old Sarah Wilde and her five month old daughter. Wilde said the house will suit them admirably; she works for a recycling company and can appreciate the special features, not to mention the fact that everything is brand new and she won’t have to do any fixing up.

Other features of the Kingsway homes include ingenuous ‘sun tunnels’ that angle sunlight into interior staircases and landings to reduce daytime lighting costs. The steel gutters and supports are durable and recyclable and the wood used for doors, stairs, etc. is all from renewable forests.

Paul Mullane, the Trust’s director of regeneration and investment, said that many more of these affordable homes of exceptional quality are in the works, with ongoing plans to meet the needs of growing communities in the Widnes and Runcorn areas. Twelve more two and three-bedroom homes are scheduled for completion on Lacey Street in Widnes by February 2014.