Kids can go green with new websites

Going green is not just for adults, now the kids can get involved too, with the help of the internet. There are lots of websites aimed at kids to help them learn about how they can help the environment, and, of course, as they are for kids, they’re not just all work and no play, there are games too. Examples of websites are and

Of course, children tend to copy adults in most things, so, if you want to encourage your children to go green, why not go green yourself, if you haven’t already? If your own habits are good regarding recycling, energy conservation, healthy eating and so on, then your children will follow suit. Why not implement some kind of reward scheme or sticker chart to help them and have fun at the same time.

When you go to the supermarket, show them where the organic food sections are, tell them about food labelling and so on. When they have outgrown their clothes, encourage them to recycle them by putting them in bags and take them together to the local charity shop. Get them recycling and helping out in the garden. Make sure they turn the lights out when they are not in use and turn off power supplies in their rooms.

You may even find they know as much as, if not more than, you on the subject, they may have leart a bit at school or they may already be environmentally-conscious, without you knowing it. Children have as much to teach us as we have them.