Is your summer holiday beach clean?

Details from the Environment Agency are now on line about the quality of over 500 beaches in England and Wales with regard to how safe the water is to swim. This information online includes photos, maps and details about any algae or sewage that may be in the water.

In order to allow the people to make a more informed decision about what locations to visit and enjoy, the Environment Agency released the information. A £8bn water company investment, directed by the Environment Agency upgraded the sewage system that has reduced the pollution in the past 20 years and has lead to big improvements in bathing water quality, with more needed and being done to improve further the quality.

The new profiles help the public make a more informed choice about locations to bathe because they are the most comprehensive yet sys the Environment Agency’s Ed Mitchell. Saying in 2010 that a record number of beaches attained the highest European standards yet they are not complacent and want to all the sources of pollution.