Investigation takes place into assessing risks from shale gas extraction

The EU Joint Research Centre has been working with the environmental consultancy firm AEA in order to assess the various risks that are associated with extracting shale gas. These projects it was feared could pose a harm to the environment, as well as human health, and this report was designed to look at whether this sort of gas extraction was a possibility.

The report looked at how gas is going to be brought into the EU in the future and the report painted a rather bleak picture. It stated, “Even in the best case scenario, and a great deal of gases managed to be extracted, we only expect that the EU is going to be able to maintain gas independency to a limited extent. There are considerable uncertainties that could make this figure even worse.”

Furthermore another report about climate change has indicated that the extraction of shale gas could cause significant problems stating, “The extraction of shale gas causes more emissions than the extraction of natural gas in the EU.

However it is important to bear in mind that it’s efficient extraction in the EU, could still produce less greenhouse emissions than the extraction of natural gas from outside of the European Union. This is largely due to the problems that are seen with the transportation of gas over long distances.”

The report also highlighted the various problems, and environmental impacts, that are associated with fracking, when used for the extraction of gas, saying that it is a process that is of high risk to the environment.