Introducing Catching A Fish In Norway the aquatic fair-trade streetwear brand

Giant squids and whales rule the oceans of streetwear. Catching A Fish In Norway (CAFIN) is an award-winning, ethical alternative. They pride ourselves on swimming against the current and being intimate enough to care.

This means treating workers like human beings, championing our designers and doing what we can to help marginalised communities: sacrificing short-term profits to act with a conscience.

Cheap mass produced t-shirts have hidden costs: poorly treated workers, exploited designers and a significant environmental impact.

In 2014, Law students Paul Donati and Lottie Michael begun Catching A Fish In Norway, a social enterprise which works with farmers and manufacturers in rural India to improve organic farming, as well as working conditions throughout the fashion industry – implementing change through education and organisation.

“One shirt at a time, starting small, we are seeing that fashion design doesn’t just influence our style, but the way we think about how our clothes are made”
CAFIN rejects the shortcuts taken by mega-brands, preferring a not-so-easy but very-happy production process, raising awareness of the issues along the way.