Insight into Sustainable Living from New Furniture Book

Tristan Titeux the master craftsman is proudly announcing the release of his newest masterpiece debut book ‘Furniture for the Future: How what you buy can change the world’ . The book explains more about the authors’ insightful opinions on healthy living, sustainability, furniture and everything that would help the reader to enhance his or her way of living.

Titeux says “The book is my personal view on the world of fitted furniture, sustainability and the world around it.”

The major theme underlying in the book is that, Titeux’s never-ending passion is to ensure that the earth stays healthy, self-sufficient and productive for the following generation. As society expands, so does the devastation of rainforests, rapid pollution in the oceans and air, due to the burning of un-recyclable fossil fuels. A researcher for the environment has stated we are now using resources 50% faster than our planet can sustain.

Titeux’s aim is to make people aware of the catastrophic impact the population is having on the natural environment. The book is designed to encourage readers to make educated and informed choices that will ensure the children of the future don’t have to suffer from mistakes made in the past. This sentiment can be applied to all aspects of life, from furniture and clothing to food, water and electricity.

Titeux says “Our children will wish that their ancestors had not made products that have poisoned their world. It is incredibly selfish to live like there is no tomorrow, to use resources like they will last forever and to not care about the consequences of what you flush down the toilet and pump into the air.”

Given Titeux’s passion for environmentally conscious choices it comes as no surprise that Furniture for the Future puts a heavy philosophical emphasis on importance of understanding where products come from and the expense at which they have been manufactured. Sourcing environmentally sustainable materials is one of Custom Carpentry’s defining principles that Titeux is determined to share with the world.

Titeux says, “Today we have too much, we value little and don’t understand or know where our products come from, how they are made, by whom and how the materials affect the world, our health and future.”

As well as the environmentalist angle a genuine passion for high quality, hand crafted furniture also shines through in the pages of Furniture for the Future. This is a reflection of Custom Carpentry’s dedication to creating beautiful, simple, unique and enduring designs.

Furniture for the future is available to purchase from the Custom Carpentry website for just £25. It is a must read for anyone who is interested in carpentry, sustainability and adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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