Immingham coal dust issues

Immingham is a town that has constantly been troubled by coal dust, but a group from the town have recently said that in recent years there has been a great improvement in the amount of coal dust in the air. The group have met and their assessment has been that the amount of coal dust in the air in the town has reduced significantly.

The Coal Dust Select Committee for North East Lincolnshire created a group which improves communication between residents, the council, and businesses in the local area to review the amount of coal emissions in the air.

Mike Burton is a councillor in the area and he said that the situation regarding coal dust has greatly improved in the past year despite there being an increase in the number of coal being brought into the port. It is estimated that the docks took in over 10 million tonnes of coal this year but the amounts of dust escaping into the air was much less.

Mr Burton commented, “The coal is probably something we’re never going to be able to completely get rid of but we are making sure that it is being reduced to the lowest point possible. This year there has been a record low number of incidents where coal dust has been released into the air.

There was a very small problem at the beginning of the month but this was quickly dealt with and we are back on track with improvements.” The body continue to work to reduce the dust problem in the town.