How to have a great but Green Christmas

It would probably come as a great surprise to many youngsters to learn that at one time Santa’s suit was once green. This is also when most people referred to him as St Nicholas, who was prone to giving out gifts on a single day each year to brighten up the lives of people for just one day.

So to match this traditional How to have a great but Green Christmas   attire we have opted to choose some super green gifts that the bearded gentleman can carry with him on his journey around the world delivering his much anticipated packages. We have a great selection of green gifts for the whole family

Nigel’s top picks are:

Retro Recycled Clock – vintage style for eco trend hunters
Make a bold style statement with this cool clock. A bright red trim and funky bold numerals in an old-style font make it a great focal point for any room. It looks great, and cuts down on waste – you might not believe it but it’s actually made from 80 recycled vending machine cups, saved from landfill to become something wonderful.
A great gift for anyone who loves vintage style.
Price: GBP £26.54

Wonderbag – the power-free slow cooker, for energy saving cooks
The must-have for energy saving cooking! Wonderbag is an extremely well-insulated cooking bag that keeps anything – from meaty stews and vegetable curries to simple rice and soups – cooking for hours without using any power, saving time, money and reducing energy use . Price: GBP £64.99

Recycled Luxury Xmas Crackers – makes Christmas lunch go with an eco bang!Handmade from recycled paper and card, these 13 inch handmade Christmas crackers are better for the planet, and good for the whole family.
Inside each cracker is a hat, snap, motto and eco gift, so you can have fun around the Xmas table.
Price: GBP £34.99

Grow Your Own Oyster Mushrooms Book Kit – easy to grow, delicious to eat
This great starter kit has everything you need to produce a bumper crop of delicious oyster mushrooms. They can be grown at any time of year, and there’s no need for a garden. Just place the spores in an old paperback book, moisten and watch them grow in just five weeks.
It’s fun and easy to grow these delicious mushrooms at home.
Oyster mushrooms have a distinctive flavour, are highly versatile, and are equally at home in oriental cooking such as Chinese or Thai food as they are in Mediterranean-style dishes.
A brilliantly quirky gift for either a book or food lover! See how we found it.
Price: GBP £14.99

Herbal Man Gift Box – softer skin and easy shaving
During his lifetime, the average man spends a total of four months shaving off a staggering 27 feet of hair. Help make this process as enjoyable as possible with this great gift set full of lovely treats, handmade to transform and tame even the wildest of manes.
A great gift for a man who likes to take care of himself, or one who needs a bit of pampering (but doesn’t realise it!).
Price: GBP £20.41

Eco iPad Sleeve – protect your iPad with a soft sustainable cork sleeve
You carry your iPad around with you wherever you go – this soft sleeve, designed by TAPE, will make sure it is protected from dirt and scratches. Made from FSC-certified fabric-backed cork, this cover will keep your iPad safe from harm when packed in a bag, or in your hand.
The soft textures and colours of the cork look great with your iPad, and a simple button fastening holds it securely in place.
Price: GBP £19.99

Cardboard Rocket Playhouse – one of the best eco toys ever
A fantastic resource to encourage role-play and stimulate your child’s imagination. Your young astronauts can decorate both inside and out before zooming off to distant planets to enjoy their own space adventure. Price: GBP £37.99

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