Heatwaves and flooding to become more common due to climate change

A new report has found that flooding and heatwaves will continue to be more common over the next few decades as a result of climate change. The report cemented the belief that global warming will cause more unpredictable patterns around the world.

For instance, the study states that the heatwave in November last year in the UK and the driest summer in the history of Texas are most likely the effect of climate change. At the same time, scientists did explain that other freaky weather events such as the Thailand floods were not actually caused by climate change and global warming.

The group of scientists published their findings in the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society and explained that last December they believed that it was 50% unlikely that a cold December would occur, but it still did because of the natural variations that are a part of weather predictions.

It was stated however that the warm temps seen in November were 60 times more likely to occur last year than in the 1960s because of the effect that climate change has had in the past five decades leading up to the present date.