Half of SMEs spending is on materials

A recent survey has revealed that the typical small and medium sized enterprise spends around half its overheads on materials. The survey has been conducted by WRAP and they also said that these companies could significantly reduce their costs if they were to start using recycled materials in the manufacturing process.

Several business leaders from across the UK have recently attended a conference conducted by WRAP that gave information on how using recycled products can save manufacturers money.

Several speeches were given at the event from people involved in both the public and private sector. Many debates and discussions took place between those in attendance at the event about the best ways for companies to manage the waste that they produce.

One of the key topics of discussion was around making sure that companies are making high enough quality waste so that it can be used for other purposes, rather than just being disposed of. Beth Winkley is the head of WRAP in Cymru and she commented, “We work with over 300 businesses to actively encourage recycling.”