Greener office paper reaches one billion sheets

According to one of the biggest business suppliers in the UK, the demand for greener office paper is soaring. Banner Business Services has recently produced the one billionth sheetof their ‘Closed Loop’ paper, due to volume of orders coming in from UK green offices and purchasing chiefs.

Banner use a unique ‘Closed Loop’ paper system where waste paper is collected, destroyed securely, segregated in a mill, pulped without the use of any chemical and then returned as copier paper that is 100% recycled. This is an audited process that can be undertaken several times. This effectively means that the same paper than an office has used in returned and then reused several times more.

The ‘Closed Loop’ paper system was originally developed back in 2010 in order to meet the demands of organisations, such as HMRC, who wanted to use paper that had originated from their own waste.

Banner now supplies major businesses including Virgin Media and McDonalds who are keen on enhancing sustainability in their purchasing.

Richard Costin, Managing Director, Banner Business Services, said businesses are adopting the same eco-efficiencies:

“We are delighted that Closed Loop is such a success and anticipate demand to increase significantly during 2012. As all central government departments are adopting our Closed Loop solution it will considerably improve environmental performance in the UK.“Recycled paper isn’t enough for modern businesses. They want to know the same paper they use will be re-used over and over again within their business. Not only does it help the environment but it saves money.”

More than 2 million reams of Banner 100% recycled Closed Loop paper has now been manufactured with genuine environmental benefits. Closed Loop production to date equates to a saving of 86,000 trees; a reduction in CO2 emissions of 3,373 tonnes; a reduction in energy consumption of 40.6 million kilowatts; and a reduction in water consumption of 226 million litres.