Greenbyte’s Blades of Fortune Wind Power Quiz

Which country is home to the windiest city in the world? Which famous statue is roughly as tall as a 2MW wind turbine tower? What percentage of global electricity is supplied by wind power?

Trivia buffs hooked on Wind energy knowledge can now test their expertise in the ultimate Wind Power Quiz Blades of Fortune .

Built by Greenbyte, the company behind renewable energy software Breeze and Bright, Blades of Fortune is a playful wind energy trivia game playable through a computer web browser. The game lets players test their knowledge against industry colleagues and wind enthusiasts across the globe by answering questions related to wind and wind energy.

The concept is simple: spin the blades and generate as much power as possible by answering quiz cards from six different categories. Right answers add megawatt hours, but be quick or you may run out of energy.

Top players are featured on Blades of Fortunes’ Powerchart – listing arguably the most knowledgeable experts in wind.

Ready to test your wind power knowledge? Spin the blades!