Green light given to 300 new wind turbines

The green light has been given to create 300 wind turbines off of the coast of Norfolk and Lincolnshire. Permission for the new windmills has been given to RWE power Renewables by Ed Davey the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change. The ensuing project will lead to the creation of the Triton Knoll wind farm.

The government stated that the wind farm will soon be the largest offshore wind farm in the world. The substation for the farm will be equivalent to 30 football pitches and will be placed before the local authority for final approval next year.

The wind farm itself that has been approved will be built 20 mills away from Mablethrope close to the Anderby Creek shore. According to RWE, the on-shore facility will help to transfer the electricity and will hopefully be close to Bicker Fen. This substation will then connect to the offshore wind farm via underground cables that will run an impressive 100km over to the turbines.

Back in June when the proposal was first put before the local authorities it was met with a great deal of disapproval by residents that were alarmed that the company wanted to turn their small village into a large industrial site. Others were worried that the creation of the farm would lead to lower house prices in the area.

However, RWE countered the negativity by explaining that construction of the wind farm would create 500 jobs and 300 permanent jobs once the wind farm became fully operational. In addition, they countered that the wind farm would help to provide a clean form of energy to as many as 900,000 homes.

Triton Knoll Project Manager, Jacob Hain, stated that they have always believed that Triton Knoll is a great project and the decision of the Secretary of State to approve the project is further proof.