Grants for renewable heating systems

Households will soon be able to apply to receive substantial grants towards installing heating systems that are renewable. The grants are worth as much as £1,250 for the largest installation and the scheme will start on August 1.

Solar thermal panels to heat hot water, wood pellet biomass boilers and ground and air source pumps for heat can be purchased and installed with these grants that come in the form of vouchers from the government.

The scheme is worth £15m and part of the plans for renewable heat support from the ministers and will have funding for 25,000 households. The homes being targeted are the 4m plus in Wales, Scotland and England that are not yet heated by mains gas and therefore commonly use electric fires or heating oil to heat the home, both are much more expensive and lead to higher carbon greenhouse emissions.

Northern Ireland is not included in the list even though over 70% of the houses use heating oil. Grants will be fixed at £950 for the biomass boiler, £1,250 for the source heat pump, £350 for water heaters powered by solar and £850 for air sourced heat pumps. This should end up being about one tenth of the entire cost of installation and equipment.

This is great news for those people reliant on oil or electric heating that is expensive since the scheme is really aimed towards them. Applications need to be sent through the Energy Saving Trust, the government funded trust, and only those households that already have put basic energy efficiency items in place can apply.

Landlords are encouraged to get the grants to help improve their investment in housing with £3m of the total £15m earmarked for them. A recent study undertaken by the Energy Saving Trust shows that people wanted renewable heating to be installed.

Once the kit is in the home and installed the people really see its benefit. The initial financial layout is the main reason that people stop themselves from going out and buying one of the systems. This is just the start in helping to overcome that type of obstacle. Once the renewable equipment is installed in the home, other subsidy payments are available through the multi million pound heat incentive scheme, that will be introduced in October.