Governments Green Deal initiative looks set for failure

The government launched a green initiative which was going to bring energy efficiency to nearly 15 million homes in the country and in doing so create over 60,000 jobs. However, it seems as if this initiative is going to fail as people expect the number of lofts to be receiving insulation to fall by around 90 percent. The government have pledged this initiative, called the Green Deal, to be one of their most important in becoming the greenest government ever.

It is widely thought that installing insulation in homes is one of the best ways to reduce the cost of heating, and avoid wasting energy through excessive electricity and gas use. Homes in the country are generally not very efficient at retaining heat because they are so old and this is something that the initiative was hoping to change.

There are current schemes already in place, ahead of the Green Deal, which will launch in October, that encourage people to get insulation. The energy company E.on are already offering free loft insulation as well as a bonus of £100 for anyone who goes ahead with it.

The funding that allows them to do this is coming from the government and the Green Deal is not offering such a subsidy. Instead, a loan is going to be provided to people who install insulation, and this is going to be paid back from the money they save on their heating.

The government are currently consulting on the plans and it is expected that they are going to be rather on a smaller scale as the scheme is only going to apply to homes that are particularly problematic when it comes to insulation. The government also recently announced that £200 million is going to be put towards an incentive that is going to encourage people to help improve the efficiency of their homes when they undergo renovations.