Government announces funding for cleaner heating

The government have recently started a subsidised funding scheme which is going to offer nearly £900 million in order to improve clean heating in the country. While this might seem like a lot of money at first, in reality this isn’t a great amount to invest in the sustainability of heating systems in the UK.

Most people don’t realise that around 50 percent of carbon emissions in the UK are produced by heating systems and so if the government wants to meet the climate change targets that they have set out, then they are going to need to focus more effort in this area.

It is estimated that the scheme is going to mean that the amount of power needed for heating is going to be reduced significantly, an amount equivalent to about 20 gas power stations. The scheme is not going to start being used for households until October this year, and despite the fact that it isn’t a great amount of money, it is still something that is going to make a real difference.

There are many elements to the government’s plan for reducing the amount of carbon emissions in the UK. As well as improving the heating situation, the government have also said they are going to be cutting down on the amount of carbon dioxide they emit themselves.

They have also said that they are going to be investing in an electric car infrastructure across the UK. The government is doing a lot of talk about this right now, and this money is one of the first actions they have actually taken. Many people will just hope that they will stick to their promises and deliver on all of the green energy solutions they have promised over the last couple of years and during the election campaigns previously.