Good News on the Motoring Front for the Environment and for Car Safety

There is potentially great news right around the corner not just for the environment, but also if you’re honest at the wheel.

Under government plans just announced, any uninsured car owners will face a fine of up to £1,000. To add to this, it will be an offense to own an uninsured car regardless of whether it is in use.

This could bode well for the environment as old, pollutant cars – those most likely to be uninsured – are taken off the road. The plans will also ensure the scrappage of many potentially environmentally damaging vehicles that are currently off the road.

The legislation, still at its proposal stage, is called the Continuous Insurance Enforcement and is expected to get the go ahead in the near future. If the proposal does go through, all vehicle owners not on the Insurance Database or DVLA system will be issued letters warning them if that unless they get adequate motor insurance, their car could be clamped or they could face a significant fine.

The social enterprise Giveacar offers one solution for what to do if you’re taking an old scrap car off the road. The website offers to take your unwanted vehicle off you, and then either sell it off at auction or dispose of it through an Authorised Transport Facility. Giveacar then receives a payment, and makes a donation to your charity to your choice. Giveacar have recycled around 400 vehicles in Scotland so far, and is recommended by Keep Scotland Beautiful.

If you are interested in scrapping a car for charity, please view the Giveacar website:, or call 020 0011 1664.