Global warming no big deal according to some

A small, dynamic group who believe that global warming is no big deal will be opposing the issues being debated in Parliament in the House of Lords on Tuesday. The group appears to believe they have more expertise in climate change, a detailed science, than that of the leading scientists. They contend that global warming is not an important issue.

John Hayes, a sceptic in opposition of wind farms has been appointed as energy minister. This is in direct opposition to David Cameron, who has promoted members of this group into influential positions. Owen Paterson, the environment secretary, has openly declared that climate change is not real. Additionally, it has been removed from education syllabi by Michael Gove and is being withdrawn as an academic concern and is no longer being taught in such circles.

Due in part to the influence of Ukip, the Conservative party is so anti-science and so irrational that Michael Fallon, part-time energy minister, declared climate change as merely “theology.” This has served to spook investors in the low-carbon movement, who feel the issue has been falsely escalated.

This has come about by typical handling by the government of certain issues, that of catering to a small coterie of people. Though the media is trying to negate the scientific evidence in reference to climate change, much of the public and industry are supportive of efforts to address it. Ministers are supporting those who are in opposition to those attempting to address the most difficult environmental problems, not only locally but all over Europe as well.

The Lib Dems are somewhat moderating, but the bill is still faulty. Battles with the treasury are evident, however. New proposed legislation includes new ideas that are somewhat underdeveloped, but interesting nonetheless. They are geared toward supporting investments to support the reduction of energy demands. It is not clear at present how these ideas will impact the issue.