Food waste will be tackled

Research has recently been conducted that shows where improvements on the amount of waste being produced in the food and drink industry can be made. The research looked at the manufacturing of several different product lines, and at their ability to deal with spillage, packaging and waste management.

Many companies have made a pledge to see that no waste is being sent to landfill by 2015 – the study revealed that most of the companies are on track to meet this target. Many companies have made great progress in preventing the amount of waste that is going to a landfill, but they are still not making good enough progress on stopping this waste from accumulating in the first place.

Stopping waste being produced in the first place is a much harder task as it required the whole company to change the way it worked, whereas dealing with waste afterwards can be the responsibility of just a few people. Many of the companies were having problems here when it came to them relying on smaller packaging, even when producing large amount of ingredients.

Much waste is being produced because companies want to run their manufacturing as fast as possible, this means that when there is an error in making a product, many units have already been made before the error is noticed and this leads to a great deal of waste.

Another problem was seen when manufacturers were producing goods for a small production run as the manufacturing line is set up faster and is less effective. In order to improve these problems manufacturers should be urged to cut the use of packaging which is a common waste item.