Fly Zehst to Japan in 2.5 clean hours

Has your air travel been such that you hoped to arrive in less than half the time they told you would. Well this wish seems to have been listened to by someone because when 2050 rolls around the hypersonic jet aptly named Zehst an abbreviation for Zero Emission Hypersonic Transportation will slip into London and out to Tokyo in all of 2.5 hours. In case you did not know the present flight time between Heathrow and Tokyo is 11.5 hours.

And the surprises just continue as the plane claims to have almost no emissions and can carry between 50 and 100 passengers. The Zehst plans will be shown to the public today at the airshow at Le Bourget close to Paris by EADS the European Aerospace leader.

The jet will have normal engines but will be run on seaweed biofuel before it turns on its rocket engines. Those will be fuelled by oxygen and hydrogen than if you remember from Chem class leave behind just plan ole water vapour.

However the jet still would not be around for another 40 years or so which for most is a long time to wait. By 2020 the prototype of the same will be rolled out by EADS with the collaboration of Japan.