Floodline reveals plans for multimedia contact centre

Floodline is the information and flood reporting service that was set up by the Environment Agency. It is currently working on developing a multimedia contact centre for the service.

Government departments are going to be able to access this framework and use it to manage flooding incidents. It is going to provide advice on dealing with flooding and it is estimated that the service will provide a value of around £15 million.

The centre is going to see a call centre setup which is going to provide immediate advice to people calling in. This information has recently been released by the Official Journal of the EU and it also stated that the call centre is going to be outsourced. As well as offering calling in services, the multimedia centre will also offer support by instant messaging and text message.

One of the challenges of the facility is going to be dealing with the fluctuating demand for its service. When there are no floods, the number of calls it is going to be receiving is very low, but in times of flooding there is going to be a great demand on the service.

The current service, Floodline, was established in 1999 and it is being managed by an external company, Teleperformance. A recent development by the Environment Agency was to start a flood alert service which would automatically telephone people if there was a flood warning where they live. The service runs on an opt out basis, so if you don’t want to receive the warnings you actively have to call the agency and ask them to stop