Eurostar wants to Tread Lightly on the environment

The high speed passenger service, Eurostar, linking the UK with mainland Europe today launched the next phase of its programme for the environment, Tread Lightly, and announced a number of ambitious initiatives and targets.

This update demonstrates Eurostar’s continual commitment to champion the change to more sustainable modes of locomotion and helps to cement their reputation as the greenest option in short haul international travel throughout Europe.

Twenty-five percent of Eurostar’s passengers connect by high speed rail to an additional destination and with over 20 million people currently taking short flights to destinations across Europe that are easily accessible via high speed rail the opportunity is there to drop the plane for the train.

Eurostar wants to have 5 million connecting passengers before 2015 that will drive a shift in consumer’s attitudes toward short haul travel. For Eurostar reducing impact on the environment means to lead by example. Since Tread Lightly was started in 2007 the business has made loads of progress towards their original 10 point plan to reduce consumption, recycle and source responsibly. Many of the commitments have been achieved and all of them still remain in place with inroads made on all that remain.

In 2009 well ahead of schedule the company achieved it target to reduce CO2 emissions by 25% per traveler and then increased the target to 35% by 2012. This goal is still in place and they are on track to meet this target in 2012. Nicolas Petrovic Chief Executive of Eurostar said they are proud of all they have achieved via the Tread Lightly scheme and have learned a tremendous amount since it was launched over four years ago.