Environmentally friendly energy solutions in Europe

A new video that has been released and sponsored by the European Commission shows how, by working together, countries can achieve a more environmentally friendly energy solution in Europe. The video highlights how all the technology is available and it is just a case of people coming together to make that technology work for them and their countries.

The video highlights the importance not just of the environmental side of things, but also how important it is that that energy is efficient and affordable. The video does not ignore the business side of the equation, that is all too often forgotten by environmental advocacy groups.

The video displays all of this by representing the power situation in Europe as a sort of board game, similar to Monopoly. It also shows, however, that in order for a good solution to become possible, all of the players must work together, rather than against each other. The video shows how it is important that non-environmentally friendly ways of producing power work together with more green options.

This video is put together in a very graphically pleasing way, and the idea of using a board game to represent the environmental situation in Europe is very clever. It simplifies the situation down into a way that everyone can understand and this means that the video will reach as wider audience as possible.

It is a video will turn people on to the idea of energy providers working together in Europe in order to provide the continent with a greener future and a healthier environment.