Environmentally friendly Christmas trees

Environmentally friendly Christmas trees are being produced in North Wales with the help of one of the oldest sheep breeds in the UK. Joy and Peter Price recently purchased a flock of sheep that are grazing the lands where they are growing Christmas trees. It is not known why, but this particular breed of sheep do not eat the trees and will only consume grass. This makes them perfect for tree growers who are looking for a ways to control weeds without trees being damaged.

This method of controlling weeds is beneficial for the environment because it means that no weed killers are needed. This leads to a reduction in groundwater pollution and other types of chemical contamination that can affect the land.

Mr Price, who is nearly 70 years old, has commented, “I used to be able to bend down and pick out all the weeds but now I’m simply too old to do that, I didn’t want to start using weed killers as these are bad for the environment, and that’s where the idea of using these sheep came from.”

He bought eight lambs earlier in the year and he has said that they have already proved their value and do a very good job of keeping the tree growing area free of weeds and not overgrown with grass. The discovery that this type of sheep does not eat the trees was made over 20 years ago but to this day farmers do not know why they do not eat trees like many other types of sheep do.

This type of sheep is also popular with fruit growers as the sheep consume leaves that have fallen off a tree. If these leaves were left there to rot a fungus would develop that is harmful for the fruit bearing trees.