Environmentalists win battle of Gold Country

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Gold prospectors should move quickly!

Gold prospecting in California is about to be stopped indefinitely in a quest to conserve the environment.

Environmentalists had been battling to make the Gold Country in California a spot where gold prospectors can’t dig or excavate for quite some time. With the publication of a new report, they have gained vital evidence that pacific salmon in the area have been massively reduced because of digging in rivers. This is because the digging equipment disturbs their eggs.

The original gold prospectors in 1849 used basic digging equipment, but modern day gold hunters use suction dredging equipment that reportedly does a lot more damage to riverbeds, and fish species as a result.

In 2009, it was originally agreed that digging would be restricted for two years while the environmental enthusiasts compiled the $1.5 million report. Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger agreed to the two year moratorium. Now it looks as though digging will be suspended permanently after the findings of the report were presented to the authorities. Local businesses and prospectors in California are aghast at the news because of the wealth that gold prospectors bring into the area.

However, it’s not entirely bad news for gold prospectors just yet – they will have the next six months to seek their fortune until the new rules come into effect. Whilst not all of you will have the resources to go to the legendary Golden State, there is plenty of gold prospecting you can do from the comfort of your own home.

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