Environmental education takes place in the Ecclesall Road branch of M&S

A Marks & Spencer store that is located on Ecclesall Road has become a store where education is passed to staff from the company, as well as local students, about sustainability in business. This is the latest environmental initiative from the company which has previous had a great deal of focus on protecting the environment. M&S have actually become the first retailer in the country to become completely carbon neutral though all their branches.

This is a good move for the company and one that it has said that it is pleased to have got off the ground. However, in a recent statement, they have also said that they are disappointed that some of their other targets regarding green initiatives have not been met. Specifically they said that they are troubled that they were unable to meet their target of tripling the sales of organic foods in their stores within a set time frame.

The store recently published a report about the sustainability programs being run by them and detailed what sort of progress was being made. The report goes into a great deal of depth and analyses the 180 goals that the store set out. The different goals permeate all different areas of the company’s business and it is clear from these that the company has a green policy that extends far beyond just the surface.

Although it has fallen short of some of their goals, the retailer should still be commended for some of the work that they have done. The report stated that the retailer is recycling 100% of its waste products – including waste food, which is broken down for compost or used to generate electricity. They have also significantly increased the number of products that they are sourcing on a fair trade basis.