Environment Agency not happy about super dairy plan

Nocton Diaries Ltd has proposed a super dairy that would be the UK’s largest and would have over 3,700 cows, but the Environment Agency lodged an objection. A concern about pollution seeping through the limestone and affecting the area drinking supply was voiced by the agency.

The company submitted and subsequently pulled an application for an over 8,000 cow dairy at the same location. The planning application will be considered in March by the North Kesteven District Council.

Residents raised concerns about potential problems with roads and issues with the environment. The idea was also opposed by Animal welfare campaigners. The new plan calls for the cows to be kept in small herds and for the most part inside with some outside grazing in the summer.

Those opposed are worried about the health risk to cows, the affect on smaller farms and size would be an eye sore for the area. Nocton countered by saying the farm would be bright and airy.

The agency is concerned about the risk of the groundwater being polluted and a spokesman insists that there are not against the size of the facility.