Energy Solutions: Compare Prices and Save

We all use energy of some sort to power our homes and businesses. Gas, electricity, solar or even petrol powered energy keeps us going day and night. We are lucky that we now have a variety of energy solutions available to us.

Choosing the energy solution which is right for you is often a purely financial decision but there is more to think about in your calculations than just the cost per unit. Ask your energy supplier for some information on all their costs.


How much will it cost you to install your chosen form of energy? If you live in a well populated area it is likely that connecting to the main gas and electricity supplies is simple and inexpensive. If you live in a rural community it may cost you hundreds of dollars to have electricity connected to your property. Gas may have to be supplied in a bottle which is a more expensive option than mains gas supplies.

Solar energy is cheap but can you afford the set up costs? You need to have solar panels installed on your roof for it to work.

Sometimes installation costs can be offset if there is a rebate on energy sources that are environmentally friendly.


How much energy do you need? If you have a lot of appliances that operate throughout the day your consumption will be high. If your appliances work mainly at night (for instance, if you are a shift-worker), you may be eligible for off-peak pricing.

Actual Cost:

What is your energy supplier charging you per unit? Compare the prices of gas, electricity and green energy. Which is cheapest? Are the energy prices consistent or do they fluctuate seasonally or with the markets?

Your energy supplier will be able to give you detailed pricing information so ask for it. Make sure to compare gas and electricity prices among all providers in order to save money. You’ll know that you have made the best choice for your lifestyle.