Energy Saving Home Improvement

No question: energy costs are going up and not likely to go back down in the foreseeable future. This is a matter of concern to everyone, but it hits hardest when it’s up close and personal, in your own bank account. The good news is that you can save money, specifically on  heating costs as the winter sets in, with just a few simple home improvements.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) reports that the average householder can save about £280 per year on an average annual cost of £1,300, without any major investment of time or money. They suggest that simply insulating your home is the easiest (and cheapest) of the many measures you can take to save on home heating costs.

Here are a few of the tips they offer that can be implemented for a few pounds or less and require very little time or effort. The first is to attach ordinary kitchen foil behind your radiators to reflect the heat. A hot water tank cover, which costs about £15, can save you £50 over one year. Sealing any gaps around windows, doors and skirting, using rubber strips, self-adhesive foam and draught excluders, can save you another £50 a year.

A couple of minor lifestyle changes, which cost you nothing, can save as much as £80 to £100 per year (depending on how well you remember to apply them). Unplug appliances that are not in use, don’t just turn them off. Shut down your computer instead of always leaving it on standby. Turn off lights when you don’t need them. Wash clothes at a lower temperature (30 degrees rather than 40, say) and use the outdoor breezes instead of the tumble dryer when weather permits.