Energy prices taking the onus away from the environmental effects

As energy prices continue to increase, most people are finding that their household bills are also increasing, which is making the political debate about rising energy rates even more combative. However, with so many political debates surrounding the increase in energy prices many people are losing sights about what the rising costs of energy really mean to the earth, because the issue is larger than just money.

The very first thing that should be on most people’s minds is the need to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing global warming. At the moment greenhouse gas emissions are at a level that is noted as ‘safe;’ which is deceptive because this is not actually a great place to be. Safe means that at the moment the earth is not in danger, but it is bordering on the brink of danger if the level if altered any; which it will be if action is not taken.

While security and costs of energy is one subject of the debates, the main scientific and political focus of the energy crisis is based on the best method to cut down on carbon emissions to help maintain this rating since once it moves, it is essentially irreparable.

The fact that carbon emissions are not being reduced is depressing, because in reality reports show that for the first time in ten years global emissions are actually increasing. Not only are they increasing, but they are actually increasing at a rate that is higher than economic growth.

The basic message is that government needs to start focusing on clean energy; which could be helpful at boosting economic growth by creating new jobs or face an uncertain future in both respects. After all, the decline of the environment and the economy is a future that no one wants to see.