Earth Day is not a new idea

There are a number of environmental problems that continue to be a major concern. Environmentalism is now accepted in the public agenda since way back in 1970 when the first National Earth Day was celebrated. The agenda started in the 1970’s and in the 1980’s and 1990’s the environmental issues were pushed into the background by politics. But once again are coming to the forefront as the abuse of the earth by humans continues.
Preventive measures are being emphasized the most instead of curative measures and seem to be helping. Living form diversification is due to a change in genetic make up, operation of natural selection and inheritance of changes. Evolution evolves from genetic variation, natural selection and interaction between environments. Evolution results in the origin of new species. Evolution and extinction create existing biodiversity.
In nature the make or brake systems are evolution and extinction. Biodiversity is the diversity of species and the complex and different interrelationships that sustain them. The natural habitat is degraded by increasing the population in a number of different ways.
For example India because of their incredibly large population has lost over 80% of their entire natural habitat. Biologists are no longer the only ones discussing the topic of biological diversity it has become a topic of international convention.
The dynamics of the biodiversity biosphere system is what maintains the complexity of the planet. By conserving the biological and natural resources the concept of Sustainable development has evolved.
The diversity of life where it pertains to evolution is associated with interaction of the biosphere, human society and climate. Both Rio and Johannesburg as they depend on the long term health of the environment they put emphasis on the development of humanity through society and economics.
In Johannesburg the central role that biodiversity played in sustainable development and the eradicating of poverty was recognized. Those countries that are developing are plagued with many social inequalities that include poverty, high unemployment, lack of proper infrastructure and inadequate social amenities. The policies of these countries create problems with the environment and with the continuing of developing in the particular countries leads to a degradation of the environment.