DEFRA says environment and economy linked

The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) has released the first White paper about the natural environment in 20 years that urges communities and businesses to work with the Government to construct a new economic outlook that puts the environment as a top priority.

Based partly on the recent National Ecosystem Assessment that found nature to be an economic asset and invaluable. The Natural Choice sets out ambitious plans to improve restore and protect the natural environment of England. Among those it sets forth are to help format a roadmap with business for a greener economy and formulate a task force to trade in green services and goods.

Built into the decision we make should be the true value of nature as both individuals and businesses, governments and organizations in order to become the first generation that leave the earth in a better condition that when we received it. The Natural Choice will be the guiding force to help us all achieve this goal.

The Natural Choice points out the opportunities available when sustainable practices are implemented by businesses like risk management for the future, future preparation as well as the critical addition for businesses to work together with the Government to reach the green goals set out.

DEFRA in the publication commits itself to help businesses become greener and environmentally friendlier. These include the Roadmap to a Green Economy attempting to give businesses more certainty for the long term government direction and policy.

They also promise to provide to businesses with additional guidance and information on how to become green. For example information will be made available on Business Link about managing natural capital impacts and a guide to help to report their impacts.

A Natural Capital Committee will be created to ensure capital remains important to the Governments economic actions. The independent body will also report to the economic affairs committee of the Government advising it as to the best way of caring for and securing natural assets. These will help to ensure a nature priority in the economic decisions of the Government.