Cost effective ways of making green improvements to your home

It can be hard to make green improvements to one’s homes because many of them require a high upfront fee. Of course, you get your money back as you save money on utility bills over time, but still, the improvements can be costly.

However, the Government has announced the Green Deal scheme that helps make it a bit more affordable to make improvements to your home. Some of the most common ways that people are taking advantage of the Green Deal scheme include loft insulation, double glazing, and cavity wall insulation.

You also might want to think about taking out a Green Deal loan in order to implement some of the newest heat generating and electricity generating technologies in the home such as heat pumps, solar panels, and biomass boilers since these can really help drop the price of your utilities.

Loans for improvements made as part of the Green Deal are placed on a home owner’s electricity bill can be slowly paid back over time helping to make them more affordable to the average home owner. Since the loan is designed to help you cut the energy bills in the homes, it will be the responsibility of a new home owner if you decide to sell your house before the improvements are completely paid off.

In addition, those with a low income, those who receive benefits, and those who own period properties can receive extra via the Green Deal. There is also a Green Deal Homes Cashback Scheme for those that live in Scotland and a separate Green Deal Cashback Scheme for those who live in Wales and England.

This specific Green Deal is new this year, but there are also other Government schemes that can help make going green in your home a little easier such as the Feed-In Tariffs for wind turbines and solar electric panels.