Consumers made aware of the dangers of indoor air pollution

Something that most people don’t really consider a problem is indoor air pollution. However a recent study has shown that cooking with a gas cooker in a small kitchen could actually expose you to more pollutants than walking through the centre of a very smoggy city.

It is estimated in the research that air pollution which is found indoors can be three times more dangerous than air pollution found on streets clogged with traffic. In recent years the situation has become worse as people are starting to draft proof their homes, which while does makes them more energy-efficient, can also mean that harmful gases become trapped in the home. Also, people are generally using stronger cleaning products and air fresheners to a greater extent which releases more harmful gases into the home.

Scientists involved in the survey looked at air quality samples which were taken both inside and outside the home over four weeks. Scientists looked at two flats and one house while conducting the study and they found that carbon monoxide levels were significantly higher in the flats than they were in the house.

Nitrogen dioxide is also given off by gas cookers and it was found that the levels inside the home were three times higher than readings taken outside. These figures are particularly worrying because they are significantly higher than the amount of exposure that the government recommends people face inside the home.

The research was looking at various pollutants specifically harmful to the elderly and those with medical problems. It was also looking at various organic compounds which are small enough to penetrate into the lungs easily. The researchers call for new guidelines to be established.