Clothes For Charity Wants To Stop Filling Landfills With Clothes

After a number of high-profile retailers joined forces to reduce the amount of clothing waste in the UK, Clothes for Charity is urging those desperate to get rid of some of their old garments to donate them to a good cause and minimise the clothing waste that ends up in landfill.

More than 350,000 tonnes of garments, worth an estimated £140m, are thrown out every year, with around 63% of this ending up directly in landfill. The figures have caused retailers like Next and Marks and Spencer to unite in order to find better uses for these clothes, preventing them from clogging landfill sites and ensuring some good comes from discarded clothes. Clothes for Charity is a unique online clothes donation service which is offering just that; a solution for those who have unwanted clothes to get rid of the wardrobe-clogging garments while raising money for a great cause.

Sophie Bell, Senior Account Manager   of Clothes for Charity, says, “The figures relating to the amount of clothing thrown out every year are staggering, and we embrace the new initiative by these big retailers, which is encouraging more people to think carefully about how their dispose of their clothing. At Clothes for Charity, we pay £200 to charity for every tonne of clothing we receive, so for those who have a wardrobe that needs clearing out, there is an option that doesn’t include taking their clothes down to the tip and leaving them to have a damaging effect on the environment.”

With households spending an average of £1,700 on clothes every year, there are sure to be some wardrobes and drawers that are full to the bursting with clothes that would serve more of a purpose being donated to charity. In order to donate to Clothes for Charity , donors simply order a bag online, fill it up with as many clothes as they can, and head back online to arrange a collection time. After the bag has been collected by a friendly face and the donation weighed, donors receive an email confirming that the money has been received by their chosen charity. This email also serves to reassure those donating that their clothes have ended up in the right place and are serving a great purpose, rather than taking up space in landfill.

Clothes for Charity guarantees £200 per tonne will be donated to the charity of the donor’s choice, making the donation of clothes a much more worthwhile prospect than allowing them to linger unworn in a wardrobe or casting them off into a rubbish bin.

To find out more about Clothes for Charity, or to order your donation bag, visit their website: