Chris Huhne and the Green Deal

A new initiative has recently been launched in the UK that is going to change nearly 15,000,000 homes across the country. This initiative is being run by Chris Huhne and is called the Green Deal. According to government ministers they intend for homes energy efficiency levels to be greatly improved by the mid-2020s.

The UK is bound by carbon emission cuts from Europe and this is one of the coalition’s key plans in reducing the amount of carbon that is produced in the country. The government believe that changing people’s homes is one of the easiest and cheapest ways that climate change can be tackled. Nearly a third of all carbon emissions in the UK come from individual homes and making them more efficient is a good way to reduce this figure.

Improving people’s homes will also have the added advantage that they will need less gas and electricity to heat their homes and this will significantly reduce their energy bills. At a time when the cost of energy is high and the amount people are earning its low, this is a welcome measure.

Many people might be put off the idea of insulating their home further as it is an expensive upfront cost, and the savings they make will be made over a long time. Therefore loans are being offered to people to improve insulation on their homes and these will only be repaid at a rate that is less than the amount they are saving from having better insulation. Several businesses have raised concerns that the policy is too ambitious and that ministers will be disappointed when it doesn’t perform as well as people hope.