China expected to invest millions in UK nuclear power stations

It is expected that in the near future, China is going to make a serious pledge to the UK, by offering to invest billions of pounds on nuclear power stations in the country. Various officials from the nuclear industry in China and holding talks with members of the Department of Energy, about plans that could lead to 5 different reactors being built in the country with an estimated cost of over £30 billion.

The environmental organisation, Greenpeace, have called the move by the government to initiate peace talks as desperate. It was originally thought that a French company, EDF, would be responsible for creating the vast majority of the new nuclear power plants in the UK, but there is concern that this won’t be able to go ahead as the government in the country have recently changed.

China has been running nuclear power plants in the country since 1994, and since that time it has made a large amount of money for the country. China probably sees the UK as an opportunity to export their nuclear expertise and technology, and make money while providing the UK with the power that it definitely needs.

It is thought that the nuclear power company in China are going to raise money for the investment in the U.K.’s power infrastructure, by creating share offering in the country. It is expected that this will raise around £17 billion, and other money is going to come directly from the corporation themselves.

The organisation is going to be bidding on taking a stake in the Horizon Consortium, which is already believed to be planning the construction of nuclear power plant in Wales as well as Gloucestershire. It is also thought that the Chinese are going to be bringing in a utility firm from the UK to make sure that there is minimal public resistance, and political resistance, to the construction of these new plants.