Chesterfield BioGas in Stockport

Chesterfield BioGas has recently been awarded a contract to install and supply equipment to a project in Stockport that is going to be generating biogas from food waste. Chesterfield BioGas, or CBG, is a subsidiary company of Pressure Technologies which is based in Sheffield.

The company states that this is the first venture in the UK of its type and they are going to be installing and upgrading units that have been created by partners of CBG in New Zealand. The new unit created by the company is going to be installed and is capable of taking biogas that has been created by food waste, and processing it into bio methane which is 98 percent pure.

It is going to be gathering its bio waste from local restaurants and hotels and the biogas is produced through a process of anaerobic digestion. The managing director of the company is Stephen McCulloch who has commented, “This unit has been proved successful in many facilities around the world and we are very pleased to be installing it at this new location.”

The devices are capable of creating 300 cubic metres of biogas every hour and does this by using a new type of technology called a water flooded screw compressor. It is expected that the new facility will open later this year and is going to be operated through a partnership between the green energy company Bio Group Ltd and the owners of British Gas, Centrica. It is expected that the gas produced will provide enough energy for nearly 1500 homes.