Calne school picks up the Keep Britain Tidy green flag award once again

At Margaret’s preparatory school in Calne, Wiltshire, has once again won the green flag award given by Keep Britain Tidy, a programme that promotes the systematic reduction of wastes in schools and the use of recycling to address the worsening degradation of the environment.

The school’s green programme, which is implemented and monitored by an eco committee, is easily the simplest yet perhaps the most effective with children doing their bit for the environment by simply eating all the food in their plates, ensuring less left-over foods thrown into the trash cans that often clog municipal sewers, causing floods during heavy rains. All children who are able to do that are given stickers are rewards.

Another aspect of the program that others can emulate is the introduction of healthy foods for snacks during break times, which promotes good eating habits and healthy living. It is not just the health foods programme that the school is implementing to help the environment; it also has, through its eco club, started a project which will attract more animals, insects and birds to its wildlife area which they hope will increase the vegetation in the area, reducing the heat in the school’s immediate surroundings.

In addition to this project, the eco club is encouraging all classes in the school to save on energy by making sure all lights and electrical gadgets or appliances are switched off when not in use. These projects may be small but the school is certain they show that even young children can contribute to sustaining a liveable environment.

Eco-School Committee member teacher Cathie Bell said that everyone, from the teachers to the students, is extremely committed to the eco projects and activities since they help in making the community aware of the need for concerted efforts to do something meaningful for the renewal of the environment.